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How to Live the Life of Your Dreams…

SoulPlan | An Online Course To Access The Energy and Information Of Your Soul


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Women worldwide are waking up to the Goddess within, the Divine Feminine, emerging through their daily lives, their work and their play.


These are women awakening to the benefit of living life from the depth of their Soul, from a deeper authentic place of promise. But the big question is…



How can YOU change the course of your life

& open up to the life you were born to live?



We’re talking about waking up in the morning and jumping out of bed with a fun attitude and a sassy sense of purpose and vitality for life!

We’re talking about knowing that you are guided by an unseen force that knows what you need and is always supporting you.

We’re talking about being a superstar manifestor and creating a fun, abundant life that is filled with love.

AND we’re talking about relishing deeper more meaningful relationships and fabulous sex!

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But here’s the problem: if you’re like most people, you are stuck in a rut and tired of setting goals you don’t achieve.


You’ve been searching for the inspiration to reinvent yourself or your life, but no matter how hard you try, it’s still hard and nothing changes.

BUT what if there was an easy way you didn’t even know about?

At, we’ve discovered a secret!

We’ve discovered a hidden key that unlocks the mysteries of your Soul that will dramatically change the way your life unfolds.


We’re going to show you exactly how you can do this shortly,

but first, we want to tell you about…


6 astounding ways the SoulPlan Home Study Program will help you live the life of your dreams

  • Open to the deep peace that comes from knowing your True Self
  • Access the wisdom of your Soul and create a healthier relationship with your body, mind and emotions
  • Break through the blocks that are holding you back from abundance and success
  • Open the flow to an abundance of inspiration and creativity renewing your clarity, vitality and joy for life
  • Improve your relationships in deep and juicy ways
  • Say goodbye to the stress you used to experience around achieving your goals
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Meet SoulPlan Founders Meegan Care & Kali Cathie


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Psychosynthesis Counsellor, Healer and CranialSacral Therapist, Meegan Care specialises in Body Centered Therapy.  She offers fast acting mindfulness based therapy and healing solutions that enable women to free themselves from pain & finally open to their Infinite Self, their unique divine nature and capacity for Wholeness. For the past twenty years she has trained and studied extensively in the field of mind-body therapy and healing and has a busy private practice in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

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Kali Cathie is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from the American Academy of Hypnotherapy in Santa Fe, New Mexico and an accredited facilitator of the Mondo Zen koan dialogue process founded by American Zen Master Jun Po Roshi. She also has a Social Science degree in Psychology and Management from the University of Waikato, New Zealand. She specializes in creating personal growth and development tools, guiding the meditation process and helping her clients to evolve on all levels.

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So how exactly can you live the life of your dreams, harness the power and inspiration of your soul and flow through the river of life like a Goddess?


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The single most important thing you need to know…

What’s really going on when women live a life of abundance, joy and peace

They have this thing that you can’t see from the outside looking in, you might catch a glimpse of it, but its not something you can know intimately, until you find it within yourself.

They’ve found this rare and beautiful connection within themselves and bought it out into the world. They glow with vitality at any age and their life just seems to flow with seamless abundance.

They’ve found the key to unlocking the secrets of their soul and they are living their life from this deeper level of consciousness.

Many women spend years trying to balance work, home life and play only to find themselves tired and dissatisfied with their life and few ever find a solution that just worksand that’s because of…  


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The 4 Biggest Reasons You Are Stuck In A Rut


  1. You listen to the negative chatter in your mind, and believe it


  2. You lack clarity and focus and don’t have the tools to change it


  3. You don’t feel good enough, loved enough, supported enough… you just don’t feel enough


  4. You just don’t know how to connect with yourself at that deep Soul level


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Together we have worked as therapists for more than 30 years and we asked ourselves:


What does it take to bust out of old patterns and live a truly happy life? And how can we help women to find the hidden keys within themselves to create lives of abundance, joy and peace?


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We distilled the answers from this search into a one day workshop, thinking it would be useful to share this wisdom…

AND we were so blown away by what happened for women in the workshops and how their lives changed that we felt called to make SoulPlan available as an online step by step home study program.

Enter SoulPlan – Online Homestudy Program

Your Key To An Inspired Life

SoulPlan online homestudy program will guide you to dive deep into the core of your being, to access the energy and essence of You at the level of Soul.

From that divine connection you will uncover your SoulPlan and Activate your Life  Purpose.

BUT these days there are many other of Online programs available…

So what makes SoulPlan different from any of the other programs, courses, workshops out there?


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3 Ways SoulPlan Will Revolutionise The Way You Live Your Life

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Powerful Energetic Tools

We have discovered the ability, and refined it, to help You connect to the energy and information of Your Soul! This is not something that is achievable through just any ole program or course. This is where the real magic of SoulPlan comes into play. Because once you’ve connected to the energy and information of your soul, there is a Divine Download Portal that is established – and NO ONE can take THAT away from you!

Deeply Transformational Results, That Actually Last

Utilize your Divine Feminine Magic to create change that endures. This is not a program that is all fluff and hype, gets you excited and then drops you like last week’s girlfriend! This is about grabbing hold of your innate purpose and feminine power through a process of transformation that is not only exciting and inspiring, but also sustainable.

Sessions You’ll Love and Evolve With When Used Regularly

Many programs you encounter will have a finite shelf life. But SoulPlan can be used again and again and again. Each time you take yourself through even just one SoulPlan session you will evolve to a deeper level of both energy and information. This enables you to enhance your energetic system AND gain a whole new download of Life Purpose information.

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How do you really get out of your Rut and open to the unique Life Purpose YOU came here to live?

Even if you do make a bold and firm choice to consciously change your life, your subconscious mind will always keep you stuck in its limiting ways.  The patterns of your subconscious mind will continually pull you back into your old ways of being.


So it’s at a whole deeper level that the work needs to be done.

Let’s be honest here – accessing the energy and information of your soul and applying this information in any meaningful way is not something you can do alone. It’s taken us decades of trial and error to refine this process in a way that is easy for anyone to learn.

And that’s where the power of SoulPlan can propel you out of your rut and into the life of purpose you came here to live.

It’s an empowering, moving and divinely inspired experience, that’ll rock your world, unleash the goddess within and launch you into the next chapter of your life with unprecedented Gusto (of the goddess variety)!

We know you want to live the life of your dreams, that’s why you’re here!

So join us on the SoulPlan journey…

SoulPlan Online Home Study Program

A Step-by-Step guide to access the energy and information of your soul, connect with your true purpose and the action you need to take to get out of your rut and on with your Life Purpose, to finally realize your dreams.

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You’ll get a complete multimedia program that will teach you how to connect with your Soul. Living from a Soul connection enables your life to unfold in powerful and magical ways.

This program is designed to give you the same transformational results as experienced by the participants of the original SoulPlan live events… with the added convenience of being on your own schedule in the comfort of your own home.


What is SoulPlan? Learn about the personal journeys we’ve taken to get here and create  SoulPlan, the mistakes we’ve made and the revelations that have been our own a-ha moments and turning points in our lives. This video will set an energetic foundation that will guide, serve and support you through your journey with us.

Map of the Mind: Learn the Truth  about your Mind, it’s different levels, how they function and why they are so important to understand.

Uncover the powerful role your subconscious plays in keeping you stuck in your life and how to free yourself from its grip. Learn how manifesting really occurs and unlock the secrets of your Soul.

Identify Your Soul Values: Find out what a Soul Value is and why is it crucially important to your life’s happiness. Identify what’s most important for you in your life and specific areas where your Soul is calling you to evolve and grow.

Launch Your SoulPlan: This is where the rubber meets the road! In this video you will learn how to unleash the energy and inspiration of your Soul. This soul connection becomes the juice of your life journey and will guide you in all that you do, and all that you be, from now on.

It’s  Not The End: Important points concluding your SoulPlan journey with love, and where to from here Goddess!

True Self Meditation: Finally become aware of all of the roles and limiting or contracting ways by which you live your life.

Learn how to free yourself from these layers that no longer serve you. Access your true soul self so that you can now live from this deeper place. Once you connect with your Soul, your experience of life is forever changed.

This powerful meditation is the key to that change.

Your Soul’s Theme and Path Meditation: Uncover your Soul’s messages for you. This is your opportunity to put down the baggage of your past, learn how to connect to your true Life Purpose and reveal your life’s path in a whole new way.

Goddess Workbook for Uncovering Your SoulPlan. As the Heart Sutra is to Zen, this is your Guide to the SoulPlan program. It will evolve, guide and support you in creative and magical ways. This is not just a one-time use ladies!

Not only will this Guide for Goddesses be your trusted partner in your SoulPlan journey, but it will also be your renewable resource to grow and evolve with.

You can use this Guide to take you through the SoulPlan process again and again. Each time you will reveal deeper layers of your True Self and the ever unfolding aspects of your Life Purpose – your SoulPlan.



The path to Downloading your Life Purpose and finally Realizing your Dreams starts with a decision.

Will you change the course of your life and open up to the life you were born to live?

There are three kinds of people in this world. Those who look back on life feeling worn out and disappointed, wondering what happened to it. Those who wander through life wondering what is happening to it. And then there are those who access their Soul Self and create the life they were born to live.

Which kind of person are you? Will you look back wondering what happened…

Are you ready to join us on the SoulPlan journey to Download your Life Purpose and Realize Your Dreams?



We’re ready to walk beside you as you make this the time

you said YES to live the life of your dreams.

With much love and soul

Kali and Meegan


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SoulPlan | An online course to access the energy and information of your Soul

Download your Life Purpose and finally Realize your Dreams



Download Your Life Purpose Multimedia Program

  • 5 Instructional Videos
  • 2 Transformative Healing Meditation MP3s
  • 1 SoulPlan Workbook

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What others are saying about SoulPlan…

“I went into the SoulPlan Online Course looking for answers because I had been experiencing intense anxiety and confusion. I was worried about my career, living authentically and I doubted that I was fulfilling my “purpose”. The anxiety began affecting my daily life and I couldn’t get away from it. I was desperate, felt trapped and was tired of spinning my wheels. I felt like where I wanted to be was too far away and the path was too confusing to navigate. I needed guidance and a real plan. SoulPlan gave me the tools to find my answers and create a plan of action; I was able to look within and prioritize what I truly value in life and to honestly see what had become distractions and road blocks on my path. This course helped me to check in and re-calibrate my inner compass, I don’t feel lost anymore. I still have problems but I also have solutions now – it’s up to me to change my life. These solutions came from fearlessly being honest with myself during the course and most importantly giving myself the time and space to discover what was already inside of me. The answers were always there, I just needed the time, space and a little guidance. Thank you SoulPlan, I am eternally grateful.” ~ Jeanette Christine

“What a wonderful empowering experience! The workshop helped me discover my soul’s unique song and prompted me to manifest a divinely inspired series of artwork. Kali and Meegan skilfully and gently guided me on a journey to access my true soul self and retrieve powerful visions that continue to resonate and guide me on my personal journey. ~ Teresa Goodin

“I would like to thank Meegan and Kali for the amazing day of goal setting I undertook under their expert guidance. I found the process they had put together really profound.

To go within and connect with my true self was such a powerful vehicle to be in when it came to setting goals for the year ahead.

This combination of the feminine and masculine elements (being and doing) really worked and rocked my world! So do it you wont regret it!” ~ Kate Evans

“I attended the January SoulPlan workshop on 21.1.12 and am so glad I did. It was the right time to access deep within, in a very safe and guiding environment, clearing from the past year and paving forward onto a more aligned path for the year ahead. The workshop is a gift, it is the gift of self knowledge and awareness and accessing deep to your soul alignment, so that every step you put forward is the right one for you.

What a powerful tool for everyday life and allowing you the freedom to live more fully within each moment. It allows you to feel deeply grounded and in awareness of your thoughts and feelings and the wisdom from your soul.

I am very grateful to have had this opportunity. With the opportunity to get the meditation CDs for follow-through from the learnings, we have an important daily tool for positive growth. Thank you Kali and Meegan for facilitating this inspiring workshop!” – Tanya Wohler

SoulPlan | An online course to access the energy and information of your Soul

Download your Life Purpose and finally Realize your Dreams



Download Your Life Purpose Multimedia Program

  • 5 Instructional Videos
  • 2 Transformative Healing Meditation MP3s
  • 1 SoulPlan Workbook